VSCO Film 1-7 for Lightroom, ACR,

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    VSCO Film

    Mình tìm hiểu được chút ít về cách sử dụng từng set VSCO trên mạng, chắc lọc được ít thông tin bên dưới đây. Đến giờ sử dụng vẫn thấy đúng, anh em xem có giống vậy không nhé.

    VSCO Film 01 – Modern films

    Modern Films is an excellent all-around pack, emulating the look of contemporary, popular film stocks. Classic, clean, and universal, this collection is well-balanced and ideal for an array of settings, from wedding photography to editorial, and everything in between.
    [ATTACH=full]19831[/ATTACH]VSCO Film 02 – Classic Films

    Classic Films is a diverse pack of digital emulations that recreates the look of many discontinued and expired film stocks. With a vintage-inspired and slightly gritty aesthetic, this collection is perfect for lifestyle, wedding, and portrait photography.
    [ATTACH=full]19832[/ATTACH]VSCO Film 03 – Instant Films

    Instant Films features digital emulations of beautiful tones and magical tints. Classic and nostalgic, this highly-stylized collection recreates the looks of traditional instant films.

    VSCO Film 04 – Slide Films

    Slide Films features digital emulations of positive film — a slide film that produces a positive image when developed. With high contrasts and bold colors, this collection is ideal for travel, landscape, street, and fashion photography.


    Archetype Films is a collection of mass market, consumer film emulations from the golden era of analog. With familiar fade and grit aesthetics, VSCO Film 05 captures the nostalgia of old childhood photos, and is great for portraits, weddings, and lifestyle photography.

    VSCO Film 06 – Alternative Process Films

    Alternative Process Films is a well-balanced pack that includes a wide range of push and pull processed looks, which alter grain, contrast, and richness. It also includes cross processed looks, which are best suited for dramatic color effects and vibrancy. From subtle enhancements to bold stylistic editing, this collection is ideal for outdoor and lifestyle photography, modern portraiture, and sunwashed settings.


    VSCO Film 07 – Eclectic Films

    Eclectic Films features a wide range of looks in our largest release to date, with 18 films and over 100 presets in total. The spectrum of this collection translates to versatility in use and includes muted, vivid, tungsten-balanced, and black and white films — all of which embody an elegant and modern aesthetic. This pack is ideal for most settings and subjects, particularly portraits, night photography, and architecture.


    Hướng dẫn cách thêm preset vào Lightroom!!

    Link download (pass: macintosh.vn)

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