Multimedia Sketch 4.7 – Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.

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    Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing for the Mac. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

    Version 4.7:

    • Improved performance for shadows in complex documents
    • Improved performance when editing nested symbols
    • Improved appearance of nested symbols, text styles, and shared styles so that they’re no longer nested within superfluous submenus
    • The shortcut for inserting a new point mid-way between two existing points in the vector editor has changed from Command-click to Shift-click
    • The "iOS UI Design" document is now a built-in Library, updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X, and makes use of our new Smooth Corners feature
    • Individual layers can now be exported using the Command-E shortcut
    • Added artboard presets for iPhone X and iPhone 8
    • Fixed a bug where exporting and re-importing some bitmaps to Sketch would adjust their gamma and then render them incorrectly on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    • Fixed a bug where the Inspector could be truncated depending on your scroll bar preference
    • Fixed a bug where an overridden symbol instance wouldn’t reflect changes to its master if both were located on the same page
    • Fixed a bug where pasting symbol instances into their master would duplicate the symbol
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing certain symbol overrides
    • Fixed a bug where adjusting the border thickness on lines would offset their paths
    • Fixed a bug where creating a slice via the Export toolbar item would include any hidden layers within its bounds
    • Fixed a bug where layer selection handles wouldn’t be hidden when adjusting the Radius slider
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when opening some documents
    • Fixed a bug where the toolbar would not remain hidden between documents
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur with the Organize Shared Styles dialog
    • Fixed a bug where the color picker could pick the wrong color from a bitmap if any guides were visible
    • Fixed a bug that prevented documents containing certain colors from being uploaded to Sketch Cloud on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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