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    Master Of Typing 2 lets master the technique of fast typing using all your ten fingers without watching the keyboard. Modern people spend all their life at the computer. Every day, either chatting with friends or working we need to use the keyboard in order to write something. Touch typing not only allows you to save time but also reduces switching of attention.

    First of all, open the learning mode and read interesting information on different topics. Then you can start to complete new interesting tasks in order to improve your typing skills.

    Educational Mode:
    - possibility to turn on/of uppercase letters, numbers & special symbols;
    - new highlighting function of the next key;
    - 2 types of text direction (from left to right/from right to left);
    - all the symbols are available for displaying on the keyboard;
    - application hints and useful information are available;
    - user-friendly interface make accessing functions or changing settings as easy as possible.

    Test Mode:
    - possibility to use uppercase letters, numbers & special symbols;
    - big amount of tricky but interesting tests;
    - choice of the fingers used when typing;
    - chance to learn which fingers correspond to which keyboard keys;
    - lots of tasks that help to improve your error rate and typing speed.

    Improve your typing skills with Master Of Typing 2!

    Compatibility: OS X 10.6.6 or later

    Download Maxspeech with MacintoshVN
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