Multimedia SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.145

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  1. SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.145
    • Created: March 16, 2016
    SketchUp Pro is the most intuitive way to design, document and communicate your ideas in 3D.

    Who uses SketchUp Pro? Everyone.
    Hundreds of thousands of professionals (take air) architecture, construction, engineering, interior design, building structures light, landscaping, design of bathrooms and kitchens, urban planning, design games, cinema and theater, wood work and countless more specialty use SketchUp Pro all the time, every day. It is the multipurpose remedy for complicated and expensive CAD software.

    SketchUp Pro is like a pencil with super powers. Start drawing lines and shapes.Pushes or pulls the surfaces to turn them into 3D shapes. Lengthens, copy, rotate and paints to achieve what you want. Need something more advanced? Start creating a model from CAD, terrain data, photographs or even sketches made by hand. Create models with features and custom behavior. SketchUp Pro is as simple and powerful as you want it.

    Name: SketchUp Pro 2016
    Version: 16.1.145
    Language: English
    Includes: Patch

    Version OS: 10.9 or higher
    More info: (Đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để thấy link)

    Link : (Đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để thấy link)
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